The Howard Howard Hughes Center and EV Charging Stations

How do I connect with HHC for EV charging?

Instruction to Drivers:

1. Log in or Sign Up for ChargePoint account (if you already have an account, go to step 3)
2. How to Sign Up for ChargePoint account:

a. ChargePoint website at
b. ChargePoint Mobile App on iPhone or Android

3. Connecting to HHC (Howard Hughes Center)

a. Click on Connections tab
b. Locate Connection Code field (see below image)
c. Enter connection code provided: HHC90045
d. Click Apply
e. Request connection prompt will appear, click Request
f. Fill out required (*) information (see below image)
g. PLEASE NOTE: Under “Information Required” please list your Company Name, not the
Last 3 digits of Employee ID
h. Click Request Connection

4. Wait for approval. Once approved, connection will be listed in the table under the Connections tab with status marked

5. You are now authorized to use stations

Howard Hughes Center
+ Introduces Electric Vehicle Charging

Howard Hughes Center now has charging for electric vehicle (EV) drivers to plug in and power up. As part of our commitment to supporting sustainable programs, we’re excited to partner with ChargePoint to install our first electric vehicle charging station(s).

How to charge:

+ Location: 6080 Level B2; 6700 Level P1 and 6701 (VIP)

+ Parking: Charging station parking is reserved for electric vehicles only.

+ Charging Costs: Tenants Visitors
Hours 0-3 $0.00 $1.50
Hours 3+ $2.50 $5.00

+ How to start a charging session and set up payments:

– Download the ChargePoint mobile app to start charging instantly and set up an account, or
– Sign up for a ChargePoint card (which works like FasTrak) and set up an account at
ChargePoint’s website at or
– Hold your ChargePoint card over the station’s reader symbol.
– After the station authorizes you, remove the charging station’s connector by pressing down on the button at the top of the handle while pulling the connector from the holster.
– Plug the connector into your electric vehicle. The station will display a message indicating the vehicle is charging.
– Questions? Watch their video “Charging On The Go” at charge

Join ChargePoint, the world’s largest EV charging network:

+ See real-time station availability on the ChargePoint app and website
+ Get mobile alerts (charging available, interrupted, or complete)
+ Track your gasoline savings and green footprint
+ Review your charging sessions and manage payments