Legacy Cleaners Pricing Sheet

HH-Dry Cleaning Pic

Legacy Cleaners Customer Card

All information is strictly confidential and will not be distributed. All items in bold must be filled out.

Name:                                                                                      Daytime Phone #

Address:                                                                                                          Bldg

Drivers License # (for checking writing purposes)                    Suite#

Starch Preferences (for Laundry Only)              Light             Medium        Heavy

Special Request:

Automatic Payment: Yes    No (Receipts will be provided with every charge to your credit card.)

If yes, Credit Card Type Visa            MasterCard

Credit Card #                                                                          Exp. Date:

Name on Card:


Any future requests can be made by leaving a note in your VIP Bag and the notice will be added to your barcode for future orders.

 Pick up and delivery days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Please call to schedule pick up at (310) 679-9500.